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Finally finished colouring the pic I chose to test Autodesk Sketchbook (on the iPad) to colour fanart! I've used the app before but never exclusively (only to enhance the scans of Copics fanarts). All in all, I'm satisfied with Sketchbook since it worked well most of the time. Only once I had problems to change the brush size. 


ShinichiShiho Sketch Swiped from Matsuri Hino by fs-playground on DeviantArt


Copied with pencil, inked on paper and then once again in Sketchbook. I've changed the colours Matsuri Hino used and turned Zero and Yuuki into Shinichi and Shiho because I couldn't resist (and because copying the original picture without changes would have bored me). Shiho doesn't look very Shiho-ish, and I should fix her hair but I don't feel motivated enough to go through the hassle for a copy I only did to test Autodesk Sketchbook. Rae wanted to see a picture with Conan in the dress and Shiho in the suit. Maybe I'm going to draw this someday.

Stages of the drawing: 1 (initial drawing); 2 (Intuos grip pen died); 3 (background finished); 4 (first layers); 5 (the last layers); 6 (finished pic).


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