May. 23rd, 2017 10:09 am
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These days I've been scarily productive when it comes to writing fics (which robbed me of sleep and left me with a giant pile of work to do), but somehow I spend more time writing the endings of my fics than the current chapters. I'm not sure how to feel about this since I tend to change my endings at the last minute.

Now that I've posted the first eight chapters of "The Red String of Fate", I'm glad that I've posted the story as an independent fic and not as an add-on to "Ghost at Twilight" as planned. Although it only consists of fifteen chapters and one short epilogue (in Chapter 15), it would have made a rather long one-shot. Also, it's better for the formatting to post the short chapters separately because the first letters of the chapter titles form a phrase and the chapters look more like beads that way. 


The next updates will be "Ghost at Twilight" and "Encounter in Venice" again although it will take me a while. Summer is the time in which I prefer painting to writing in my free time since the weather is warm enough to paint outside. Whenever I write, I prefer to scribble into notebooks since I don't like toting a laptop around and don't enjoy typing fics into the phone. 


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