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Ghost at Twilight


01) Part One: "When I finally…": encountering a stranger in Ueno-koen; the story of the Ghost at Twilight; Gin and four-year-old Sherry; a car accident in the vicinity

02) Part Two: "Now that the stranger…": reunion with a ghost of the past; a new version of the Ghost at Twilight; life as a card game; the redheaded girl and the accident; the first twilight ends

03) Part Three 1: "I suppose we've just…": walking home; an old case; another version of the Ghost at Twilight

04) Part Three 2: "How many faux pas…": Ran and the dojo in Osaka; Sleeping Beauty; the stranger's reappearance

05) Part Four 1: "What are the odds…": balcony scene with the fairy godfather; going out for a date at three a.m.

06) Part Four 2: "Even before the scene…": Gin and fifteen-year-old Sherry; Cinderella's transformation at the fountain of the Gemini

07) Part Five 1: "Thankfully, your terror…": the flowers of the red-headed girl; a hidden camera; the cards are reshuffled for the first time

08) Part Five 2: "Under normal circumstances…": a familiar motorbike; fans at Two Lights'; Sonoko's favourite idol

09) Part Five 3: "The first faint glimmer of dawn…": a monstrous hairdryer; different types of food; scars

10) Part Six 1: "Infinity…": first encounter with Young Moriarty; the three lights of Shinto; a Catch-22 situation

11) Part Six 2: "Kudo Shinichi, too…": discussing marriage; the tenet of the destiny theory; chocolate cake or tiramisu; love letters; Kakyuu; Sherry and Haibara Ai

12) Part Seven 1: "Just like three years ago…": evading a kiss; on the stranger's balcony; having tea with Tenoh Haruka; the seven crows and Akemi-nee-san's death

13) Part Seven 2: "After a short spell of…": a first date gone too well; a disturbing dream

14) Part Eight: "Only seven hours…": back at home; the lavender rose; Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru at the aquarium; a phone call from an important person

15) Part Nine 1: "After accepting…": Furuhata's bar; the Shakespeare Sonnet; the details of the Kakyuu case; the quarrel at Pandora's Box

16) Part Nine 2: "As if he could see…": Furuhata Motoki-san's sermon; Kudo's apology; the comeback in July

17) Part Ten: "A few hours ago…": the morning after; Two Lights' appearance; Styx and the Queen of Spades

18) Part Eleven: "Like a red herring…": the red herring; comeback in July or December; the results of the tests; mixing APAH; the seventh crow; seeing Odango again; the second sunset

19) Part Twelve: "Sunsets in Paris": in Paris with Kudo; the Blue Lagoon at Tenoh Haruka's house

20) Part Thirteen: "Sunsets and Moonrise…": in the bus; the trial at Pandora's Box; the Professor's funeral; the tea pavilion near Hikawa Shrine

21) Part Fourteen: "This is a long version of…": a long version of the Ghost at Twilight; a walk in Ichinohashi Park; activating Pandora's Box

22) Part Fifteen 1: "Although Paris is not…": the waltz; a talk with M Jean Black; stargazing with Kudo; throwing a coin

23) Part Fifteen 2: "Banalities and habits are…": Irene; Kudo leaves; the choice at Pandora's Box; Full House at Hikawa Shrine

24) Part Sixteen: "Contrary to your expectations…": at stranger-san's place; time; Joker; returning to Ueno-koen; taking the antidote; in Paris with Tenoh-san; twenty-five pills; a sacrifice to Athena; the best possible hand for Poker

25) Part Seventeen: "All the people in the vicinity…": third meeting; a plush polar bear; Kaito's version of the story; the second date

26) Part Eighteen: "But the sun…": the history of the Black Organization; the first seventh crow; returning to the bench in Ueno-koen

27) Part Nineteen 1: "The morning sun…": dawn; breakfast with Three Lights; Gin's death; Shiho's lock-screen password; Misa; stranger-san's bad traits; the seventh crow's height; discussing the ideal lover with Kudo

28) Part Nineteen 2: "Love and hate are only…": Shiho's rant; Rule Three; a traitor; in stranger-san's bathroom

29) Part Nineteen 3: "Once upon a time…": the Ancient Greeks' explanation of romantic love; playing poker with the gods of Greco Roman mythology

30) Part Nineteen 3: (will be merged with the previous chapter): "A kiss can…": the life of an actor; the parasol

31) Part Nineteen 4: "Through the floor-to-ceiling…": a sketchbook and flower meanings; Three Light's parents and their company; speaking names

32) Part Nineteen 4: "It has stopped…": the san hikari; things which went wrong at Pandora's Box; remembering or forgetting; the true colour

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