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Since the readers have pointed out that it's difficult to follow a mystery in instalments, here are mini chapter summaries to aid your memory:


Encounter in Venice




Part 1:


01) Prologue: Shinichi's dream


02) The tendency: Shinichi and Ran at La Fenice, opera first act; phone call to the Professor, woman with Ai's haircut; opera second act, Ai's appearance; the photos on the wall; Tenoh Haruka doesn't appear on stage for the third act


03) Commissario Carrara: Lele Carrara's first appearance, the clues in Tenoh Haruka's dressing room; Professor Tomoe and Infinity, Luigi Gentile and Guido Moretti interrogation, Seiya Kou's secretary


04) What are the odds that: Chiba Mamoru interrogation, the "Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot" love triangle


05) First, before the talk: Shinichi and Ai's charade, Kino Makoto interrogation, Shinichi's talk with Ran, Ran's ring


06) Since time is running short: Kino and Chiba leave, Kaioh Michiru's breakdown, Hino Rei interrogation, Seiya and Shiho appear



Part 2:


07) Over three years already: Shiho and Seiya's charade, Shinichi's trap; Carrara's and Seiya's points of view, the school uniforms of Infinity


08) There are few people: Shinichi tries to ask Ai out for a late-night date to do some catching up; Rei gives Seiya a call; Seiya's, Carrara's, and Rei's point of view


09) From the expression: Shiho's point of view at the end of the interrogation; leaving La Fenice, the watercolour card, Shiho gives Seiya an alibi for the first act


10) One thing is clear: Pandora's Box flashback when Shinichi meets Ran, Tenoh Haruka's family background


11) Embarrassing as it is: Hakuba's call; the "Prisoner of Love"; Hakuba Saguru on the rickety bed


12) Much to her relief, Shiho deduces: Shiho, Seiya, and Rei in his motorboat


13) The depressing truth about: a private talk between Rei and Seiya before she goes home


14) Maybe she should give him: Shiho and Seiya on the Rialto Bridge


15) Sorry for the rough: Seiya and Alan at Ca d'Oro; Seiya and Alan at Ca d'Oro in the rain; Pandora's Box talk


16) Hakuba's call: Shinichi inspects the watercolour card and the Infinity photo


17) Hurrying home: Seiya and Shiho on the way home; Shiho's missing painkillers




Part 3:


18) Male or female: the results of the autopsy; Carrara and Shinichi walk from Carrara's apartment to the Piazza di San Marco; Shinichi-Ran flashback during the storm


19) The two-bedroom suit: Shinichi and Ran in the Danieli suite; Holmes, Watson, Irene Adler, Godfrey Norton, and Moriarty


20) Kyogoku came alone: Sonoko's first appearance; mails; Kino Makoto's calls; lunch at Sonoko's fort; talk with Maeda Satoru


21) After a horrible: Saguru and Chiba Mamoru have breakfast together at the Gritti; on the terrace of the Gritti, Saguru's suspicion


22) After pondering: Saguru's timetable of the mystery


23) Enticed by: Seiya on the terrace of the Gritti


24) Promises: Shinichi on the way to Seiya's apartment, Ran's research, talk with Mitsuhiko


25) As he feared: Seiya on the way home, an attempt at blackmail


26) The sun is already: Shiho-Haruka flashback, in a bar in San Margherita 


27) When Shiho finally: Seiya comes home, the screwdriver; Igarashi Shizuka's call, the key to the mailbox


28) Time always: Shinichi in Seiya's apartment




Part 4:


29) About three years and: Haruka's seaside house flashback 1 (from Haruka's 


30) For an eternity: Hattori's lucky charm


31) Usually it was a tragedy: Haruka's seaside house flashback 2 (from Michiru's point of view), jealousy, Yaten and Taiki appear, a traitor in Michiru's group 


32) The tall story that: Shinichi, Shiho, and Seiya's points of view; Seiya-Haruka first meeting, the "cockroach test"


33) In the beginning: Shinichi's point of view; Ai's plans for the future; relationship issues; fingerprints on the doorknob; case closed


34) The same scene: Seiya's point of view; Gorowitz's cigarette packet, Haruka's "present"; Shiho's point of view; leading to the flashback to someone's proposal


35) The wedding: a wedding, a proposal, death penalty, "Sherlock" and "Moriarty"


36) The bathroom: searching the apartment of a suspect; the conspicuous absence of something which should be there


37) Venice is one: the roof terrace; fans; the ads for an inedible bun; leaving Kinmoku Sei


38) Since Ai firmly: on the way to La Fenice; Stinger and the guinea-pig prodigies; M; engagement rings; APTX and APAH; a confession


39) The wedding (2): during a wedding; on the set of Detective Boy Holmes; the ads for a new drink; Irene Adler, John Watson, or Sebastian Moran?


40) From the distance: a rendezvous at Infinity; an "Anokata-to-be"; a love declaration


41) The first act: reporters and fans; elopement; Aino Minako appears


42) "Your wife…": Shinichi's incomplete deduction, Hakuba's and Seiya's shortcomings


43) "You can't prove…": about Kaolinite, Hotaru-chan, and Meioh Setsuna; Ai's belated confession; Itabashi Saki's first appearance


44) "Unless there are…": Hino Rei's friend; Mizuno Ami and "still waters run deep"; Detective Boy Holmes' real title; Saki and her companion at Al Theatro 


45) She can remember…: Three Lights audition; first problems on the set; Yaten's rejection; Irene Adler's sapphire ring; Reunion in Venice





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